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Update ~<3

Don't you just love the heart balloon in the title. I know I do. I am currently at work waiting for the phones to ring but they barily ring on fridays. So I don't really know why I'm here besides to soak up some more cash out of my pay check. I've had extreme writers block lately it really is quite terrible. I'm reading Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr. Its really good. I love this book just for the male dark faeries. Hehe. I got my pay check today which is nice means I'll have more money to put in the bank.
I didn't do much yesterday went over to my boyfriends house. Then he disrespected his mother and I was told I had to leave. So I went to dinner at Olive Garden with some girl friends. We had a blast then my boyfriend called and said I could go back. But when I got there he was playing video games. When he plays video games he tends to ignore people so I sat there reading a book waiting for him to get bored of COD (Call of Duty) But of course he didn't so I just left. It was LAME.

Update :D

It's been a while since I posted so I thought I post something for once. Something besides a story Idea and such. What I have been doing recently: 

Going to work
Hanging with friends
Hanging with boyfriend

 <--When I was shopping I found these music note earrings at Clares :D.
 I also found some cute earrings from hot topic:-->  

But work was slow today so there wasn't much going on. We were missing a case of Konica Film today it was ...strange spent most of the day searching video's for who took the film. Never found the person. -.-

I went to wendys with my best friend last week but I've been hanging out with my boyfriend. Right now, him and his friends are playing magic so I am searching LJ for new friends. :D


Random entry

So I bought this nail polish at the halloween store and it total chips off after a few hours what have we learned. :D NEVER BUY NAIL POLISH AT A HALLOWEEN STORE.

Writer's Block: A rose by any other name

Do you like your birth name? If you had the opportunity to change it, would you? What new name would you choose?

My Birth name is pretty plain Rachel. If I could change it it would be too Amythest.

Vampire Kisses Fanfic 2

I had been playing Champions of Norrath on the PS2 in my room when the door bell rang. I paused my game and set down the controller. I stood up fixing my dress before looking at the time. It was nearly 10pm. I looked around confused as how so much time had passed since dinner. It was nearly time for dessert and I wondered who was at the door so late. I walked to the stairs that over looked the front hall. I walked down the stairs and stood on the bottom step staring at the door as my Nana passed me from the downstairs living room. She opened the door welcoming Becky into the house warmly.

“Hello Becky,” Nana said with a cool smile. We were used to late visitors because of my Vampire models but Becky a day walker was a different story. “Come in, Come in,” My Grandmother waved her in. Becky walked into the house her face red with a blush.

“Thank you Mrs. Marsh” Becky said walking into the hall.

“Oh dear please call me Nana,” Gram said with a smile.

“Hello Becky,” I murmured with a smile. Becky jumped having not seen me before that moment.

“Ivory,” She said with a sigh a relief.

“Are you hungry?” I asked lightly. She shook her head as I motioned for her to follow me into the kitchen. She did. “What can I do for you?” I asked talking out a plate knife and fork grabbing the pie Gram had baked earlier today. Becky stared at the pie hungrily.

“I just need to talk to someone besides Raven,” She said with a sigh.

“Are you sure you don’t want a piece?” I double checked. “It’s apple,” I said with a smile.

“I’ll have a small piece,” She said with a smile.

“So what did you need to talk about,” I said lightly, I cut her a piece of pie putting it on a plate pushing it towards her handing her a fork. I cut myself a piece.

“There’s this guy a friend of Alexander’s,” she started I felt my heart skip a beat. There was another vampire in town. This was never a good thing unless it was Hipsterville then there was enough of a population for a few vampires to live but not in a small town like this. I nodded looking at Becky patiently.

“Okay do you like this guy,” I asked lightly. I took a bite of my piece of pie. I walked around the counter towards her when she didn’t answer. Gram I could see was knitting in the dim light of the TV. “Let’s go up stairs,” I said with a smile. Becky nodded and followed me with her piece of pie. We walked up the stairs and entered my sewing room. I sat on the bench in front of my sewing machine and Becky took a seat on the stool next to me. “I’m not going to judge you just tell me what’s on your mind.”

“Well Sebastian’s a great guy but I like Matt more and I don’t know how to tell Sebastian that I don’t like him as much as he likes me,” She whispered shyly. I mused with the fact how angry this vampire might get to know his feelings weren’t returned. I reached out and touched Becky’s knee.

   “He may give you a lot of pretty gifts but you have to follow your heart and if it flutters for Matt then go for Matt. My advice would be to stay away from this Sebastian kid. He could interfere with your relationship with Matt.” She looked at me skeptically so I took my hand away from her knee. ‘Plus he could turn you into a vampire,’ I thought to myself watching my pie quietly.

“You think he might do something to interfere with my relationship with Matt?” She asked frightened. I shrugged my shoulders.

“I don’t really know he might because he likes you so much he might try to steal you away from matt,” I said lightly. I took another bite of my pie. “Would you like to see Raven’s new school out fit?” I asked casually.

“Do I,” She said, “Show me show me,” She said excitedly.

“It’s not sewn yet just pinned together but you have to tell me what you think,” I said with a smile. She nodded as I stood up walking over to the manikin cover with a black satin sheet. I took the sheet off to reveal a black tutu skirt with a red jean skirt underneath. A torn bite me shirt from rag stock in Hipsterville. With black fish net sleeves that hook around the manikin’s thumbs. Becky gasped.

“I like it, it totally is Raven’s style she’s going to love it.”  Becky squealed.

“Does she have red torn fishnet leggings?” I asked slowly thinking. Becky nodded and I smiled. “Perfect,”

Vampire Kisses Fanfic

I entered the new school wearing my cutest Sweet Lolita outfit that I could find among my boxes of clothing. I had moved to Dullsville to escape the accusing stares of my parents, who blamed me for the death of my baby brother.  I had moved in with my grandmother someone who understood my strange fashion sense but more importantly didn’t blame me for the death of my baby brother Alex. I went to my locker and began to empty the contents of my backpack into my locker. This included not only Books, Notebooks, Pens and Pencils. But also my make-up bag, a locker mirror, and a sewing kit just in case.

            “Hello,” A smooth looking boy with blonde hair and green eyes said. By the looks of him he was a jock on the soccer team. What a shame. I looked at him levelly without a word. I debated whether to great him or not. I twisted my finger around a strand of long golden perfectly curled hair.

            “Hello,” I answered after a moment of awkward silence before turning back to my locker and packing my messenger bag with my books for the first few periods before lunch. Then I tossed in my sketch book and colored pencils before picking up my bag and slinging it over my shoulder shutting my locker. I began to walk away from but he began to follow after me almost like a cute blond terrier.

            “Your new here aren’t you?” Soccer boy said looking at me out of the corner of my eyes.

            “Usually I’m a nice person but what does it matter?” I said raising an eye brow at him. He smiled and chuckled softly. I couldn’t help but smile.

            “Stubborn I like that,” He said looping an arm around my waist. I scowled to myself as he stirred me towards the gym hallway where the jocks were hanging out but my notice went to a pretty Goth girl with milky white skin, long flowing black hair, dark blue eyes, dark misty eye shadow, and black lipstick with a black Tripp skirt, fish net tights, combat boots, and a ripped Marlin Manson shirt. I hadn’t noticed the Jocks talking to the boy I was with until I turned to look at them my eyes still unwilling to leave the girl.

            “She’s hot dude,” One spiked hair kid commented. I rolled my eyes and looked at them resentfully.

            “Thank you, I guess,” I said sarcastically. “Excuse me will I walk away from you boys,” I said and I tore myself away from the Jocks and walked over to the girl in Goth clothing. “Hello,” I said with a soft smile. She glanced at me then did a double take.

            “Weren’t you just over by the Jocks,” She asked lightly.

            “Unfortunately, Yes, though I should say they are not my preferred company,” I said lazily leaning against the lockers.

            “Then why were you with them,” She said shutting her locker to look at me.

“That blond haired kid dragged me over there, I suppose I’m glad they did cause then I got to see you, I was hoping I wasn’t the only one at this school who didn’t follow the norm and wear Abercrombie and Fitch,” I said with a chuckle motioning to some girls walking by sporting similar preppy high class clothing. She laughed lightly.
            “It has its perks and its down sides,” She said with a slight smile. “I love your look by the way,” She said complimenting mostly my dress.

“Thank you,” I said with a smile. “I love Marlin Manson so I love your shirt,” I said with a smirk. She smiled at me. “I’m Ivory by the way,” I said holding out my hand to her. She took it shaking it enthusiastically.

“Raven,” She said with a smirk.”Do you make your outfits yourself?” She asked slowly. I nodded meekly.

“I actually have a business online that keeps me pretty busy building dresses for other Lolita lovers. Lolita is a style of clothing with many different sub-styles including Sweet, Goth, Victorian,” I said with a nod. “I build corsets too if you are interested,” I offered. She grinned at me.
            “I’ll have to check your clothing out, it sounds like my type of stuff,” She smiled again before looping her arm around mine. “You should come meet Becky before first period,” She stated. “Can’t have my old best friend not knowing my new close friend it wouldn’t be right,” I smiled at her humorously. That was how I made my first real exciting friend in Dullsville. It made everything that lie ahead a little less scary.

Sweet Dreams


            I had been sleeping over at Steven’s house. It was the middle of the night. I woke to the sound of a lamp falling against the pull out couch. I sat up in a start, my body was stiff and it hurt from lying on the uncomfortable mattress. I covered my body with my blanket shuttering at the cold air conditioning. I peered into the darkness my eyes fully adjusted to the darkness. A figure hovered at the edge of my bed the only feature of his face I could make out was the scowl on his face.

            “Rachel,” the voice echoed angrily. The lips of the figure barely moved when he spoke muffling his voice to a low hiss. I scooted backwards with a whimper recognizing the angry voice.

            “Idol,” I whispered my voice trembling. The figure smirked as he crawled over the bed towards me. I let out a high pitched squeak knowing it would be muffled by Aunt Debbie’s snoring. He crawled over my curled forming pushing me back against the pillows.

            “Steven,” I whined covering my face as he pushed me back against the pillows.

            “I told you to break up with him. You knew what would happen if you didn’t, you should fear my wrath little girl,” He hissed into my ear. I whimpered again.

            “I do fear your wrath old king,” I whimpered as he removed my hands from my face clasping a hand around my neck. I sputtered and choked as he closed his hand around my neck with an iron grip.

            “Shh, shh, Shh,” he whispered as I let out a cry with a cracking voice trying to gasp for breath but with no avail. I struggled beneath him clawing at his hand trying to fight to stay conscious.

            “Rachel,” A sleepy Tana called from the other room approaching the room I slept in. “Are you okay? I keep hearing a whimpering sound coming from your room,” She walked into the room and froze her eyes locking on Idol’s form onto of me, her ears listening to the sounds of my gasping for breath and my soft muffled whimpers.

            “Back away slowly little girl and I won’t kill you,” Idol hissed in his demonic fey voice. Tana covered her mouth backing away, she ran down the stairs to where the boys were sleeping.

            “Matthew!” She cried sobbing. Idol turned his attention back to me and he tightened his grip around my neck. I let out a cry of pain and I began to struggle harder under him. My lack of oxygen was causing my vision to blur and spot like someone was dropping ink on the photograph that was my vision.

            “She won’t be back for a little while plenty of time to punish you,” He laughed evilly causing me to shrink back. “No what are we going to do first thing tomorrow morning,” He demanded loosening his grip around my throat letting me breath shortly waiting for my answer.

            “Kicking your ass,” I said swinging a fist at him weakly. He scowled and tightened his grip around my neck.

            “Ah, Ah, Ah, that’s no way to talk to the person who so kindly is giving you a choice to live or die,” He laughed angrily looking at me his black eyes boring a hole through my body.

            “I would rather die then give up Steven,” I spit out gasping for breath as he tightened his grip. He lifted his hand momentarily letting go of my neck before bringing his hand down hair across my cheek. The slap echoed through the room because Aunt Debbie’s snores had ceased.

            “What was that sound?” Her angry voice echoed. I felt tears spring to my eyes at the sharp pain of the slap. I could hear her walking towards the room as Steven, Mike and Matthew bounded up the stairs nearly running into her as they rushed into the room. Idol stood dragging me off the bed to the floor by my hair. I cried out. Aunt Debbie gasped covering her mouth staring into the room at Idol.

            “Let her go!” Aunt Debbie and the boys shouted. Idol pulled me to my feet by my neck his eyes boring into the back of my head. The house down stairs awoke the sound of Steven’s Nana shouting from the stairs.
            “What is going on up there?” She demanded. Steven rolled his eyes taking a step into the room. Idol closed his hand around my throat again and waved a finger at Steven.
            “Ah, Ah, Ah,” He said laughing. “Step closer and she will suffocate,” He sang with a demonic laugh that echoed through the house. Steven’s parents were the next to come up the stairs they gasped and stared at me and Idol. I cried silently ashamed that they had to be put in such a position. I was causing them so much trouble. Idol slammed me against the wall and my elbow slammed into my rib cage causing me to lose the last breath I had. “Remember my directions Rachel,” He hissed. “This is easily stopped if you do what you are told.” He said laughing his fingers loosening around my neck. He let me drop to the floor before he disappeared leaving his human guise behind. I lay on the floor gasping for breath and sobbing. Steven ran over past the invisible Idol and wrapped his arms around me pulling me off the floor into his lap. He petted my hair as I sobbed into his chest.

            “I’m sorry,” I cried, “I didn’t know he would be so desperate and would show up and ruin our night, I’m sorry,” I cried moving to look at him. His eyes were pained.

            “Oh sweet heart,” Pam’s voice whispered.

            “Are you okay,” Dave asked. I nodded.

            “I’ll be fine,” I murmured. Steven tightened his hug around me.

            “Well everyone back to bed,” Aunt Debbie said walking towards her room.

            “But what was he, he just disappeared like a ghost,” Pam whispered looking at Dave worried.

            “Fey,” I murmured. Idol glared from his invisible state before disappearing past the others and down the stairs.

            “Fey?” Pam questioned.

            “Fairies dark fairies,” I explained weakly. “Tomorrow I’ll explain more,” I whispered. I dropped my head against Steven’s chest my eyes falling closed as I lost consciousness.

fairy day dream

My friends sat against the wall on a bench, talking, reminiscing, and storytelling old stories being repeated for the umpteenth time. The sights and sounds of Acen were enough to leave a person feeling pleasantly numb. Part of me couldn’t believe I was here again this year.

            Suddenly I could feel eyes upon me, the stare making my tattoo itch. I looked at my fey tattoo located on my calf and watched as it twitched agitatedly. I turned away from my boyfriend and our close friends to look behind me towards the escalators. I spotted a fairy guise. She was standing near the escalators leaning against the glass surrounded by a golden halo. Her ocean blue eyes were watching me with confusion. I smiled at her secretively. Knowing she was one of the Summer Court, it was obvious. Her tan skin, long golden blond hair and blue ocean eyes. Idol brushed past me with a smirk causing me to shudder. I turned away from them as they began to head towards the elevators. Plus it wasn’t my job to cause trouble among the courts the Dark Court had people to do that for them. Steven took hold of my chin and leaned towards me kissing my soft lips lightly. He then smiled at him and I smiled back dreamily. Something warm bumped against me causing me to jolt to my feet from where I was sitting on the floor. I whirled around falling face to face with a scowling fairy human guise. He had the same golden aura with the same blond hair blue eyes and tanned skin. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

            “Hello King,” I muttered turning away. He looked shocked but didn’t move just continued to stare at the back of my head. My friends were watching him with confusion and Steven was on edge.

            “Who are you?” He muttered his fingers twirling my hair. I shuddered turning once more.

            “None of your business,” I said sharply. He blinked at me in shock once more.

            “You know what and who I am, don’t you dare play games with me little girl,” He said baring his teeth in a smile. “Who are you,” He said in a polite tone.

            “A half-ling,” I muttered walking after my group of friends away from him.   


Day dreams 3

He would never acknowledge me as myself again because I look so different now. Thanks to the black ink from the Dark Fey world. Now I was the kind of girl that turned heads instead of being another face in the crowd. Now I was quiet, dangerous, and even deadly. This fact made me laugh as I walked up the stairs to the third floor in the Atrium building at Harper College. I looked at myself in the glass my aqua eyes seeming to glow in the setting sun. I paused to fix my long lightly curling blond hair. I adjusted my purse higher on my shoulder as I walked through the double doors into the gamer room my eyes fixed at the bridge ahead of me.

            “Rachel!” Tana exclaimed loud enough I heard the chatter cease. I could feel pensive eyes on me waiting to see if I would respond. I could see Tana approaching me out of the corner of my eye. I turned with a dazzling smile looking at her knowing the smile would never reach my eyes.
            “Hello there Tana,” I greeted with a slight wave. The men in the room leaned in listening to my voice. Few went back to their games. One didn’t look up at the mention of my name. It was the only man that had meant more to me then my family had. He was too incased in whatever he was doing on his laptop. Matt walked over behind her his eyes scanning my appearance, over my short tight black dress down to my knee high leather boots. He reached over and pulled on my dress.

            “It’s too short! Get some pants on!” He exclaimed. This caused Steven to look up. He paused his jaw dropping open. I glanced at Matthew and laughed softly.

            “Relax Matthew,” I said stepping back away from him. Tana’s lower lip trembled she was left feeling left out. “How are you Tana?” I whispered under my breath as I looked at her my nerves dancing as Steven slowly stood up tapping one of the guy’s who was staring at me on the shoulder.

            “Could you watch my stuff?” He asked him. It took a minute for the guy to answer and to realize he was staring; he shook his head quickly and looked up at Steven.

            “Yeah, sure man,” He mumbled. During this time Tana had answered my question with a long winded answer. I shook my head quickly forcing another smile to my lips before looking at her before I got caught staring at Steven.

            “I’m sorry what did you say?” I said in an apologetic voice. Tana huffed a little and Matt glanced at me with a questioning look. I dropped my eyes to my feet momentarily out of a bad habit before looking back at them. I watched Steven stroll closer out of the corner of my eye.

            “I said that I am good,” Tana said shortening the answer down to a few words. I looked at Matthew next.

            “How are you Matthew?” I asked as Steven stopped walking near us watching me with hungry eyes. I looked at him and smiled genuinely at him. He grinned back like a hungry wolf. “Actually I have to go,” I said after a moment cutting Matthew off. With that I turned quickly and walked away.

Day dreams 2

I stood absolutely still my eyes threatening to bulge right out of my head. He stared at me waiting for an answer. He hovered over me eyes blazing. I couldn’t find the words to answer him with though I was so shocked.

            “Well, Rachel did you cheat on me?” He growled in a low voice. He had made up his mind already though. According to him, I was guilty. I had cheated on him with a monster of the fey. Though he didn’t know he was a fey and not a man. The same fey that threatened to kill Steven if I didn’t sleep with him. So is it really cheating if I had sex to save someone’s life? No it was still rape. I didn’t want to so it had to be rape. I shook my head, my lips trembling, my eyes pouring tears.

            “No I didn’t want to! I said no! I said no!” I cried everyone in the room feel silent through their whispers staring at my breakdown while my tattoo converted my deep inner pain into feed for the Dark Fey community. My knees gave out as I covered my face as I fell to the ground curling into a ball. Everyone quietly watched their eyes full of pity and some with anger. A few familiar faces moved closer concerned with my sudden drop. I sobbed softly to myself barely hearing Steven when he spoke.

            “Oh Taylor,” He murmured dropping to his knees beside me. He gently wrapped his arms around me. I sobbed against his chest. First my family then the rapes from part of my own kind, would the constant emptiness and pain ever stop. Rabbit walked through the double doors of the game room eyes searching for me. I was the youngest of his siblings after all.

            “Taylor,” Rabbit whispered when he spotted me in a heat covered by the protective embrace of Steven. Rabbit knelt down beside me and Steven. He glared at Steven attempting to pull me away from him but I cried out and clung to Steven with dear life looking at Rabbit with a pained expression mixed with an expression of hatred. It was his fault they did this to me to us it had to be someone’s fault and it wasn’t mine. He was the only one to blame that was there at that moment. Rabbit flinched at my glare and I went back to sobbing and silently asking Steven for forgiveness. Steven held me tight as I begged silently for Rabbit to make the man stop coming to me while I was asleep in bed. To make him stop whispering sweet nothings, to stop him from touching me, hurting me, to stop him from tormenting my dreams but Rabbit could stop nothing it would continue to happen again and again until the man got bored of me and either ended my life or disappeared. Steven held me tight once more his eyes traveling questioningly to Rabbit.